For the past two decades,  PC and console gamers have been constantly at the cold war and it doesn’t look like it’s going to end anytime soon. In one hand PC gaming is expensive but is also enables unparalleled flexibility.   On the other hand, gaming consoles offers exclusive high-end games and is sole focuses on that thing.

Let’s see the major, console gaming vs pc gaming !


Speaking of PC Gaming it is relatively pricy. In the past, you can obtain a  gaming PC under  $500. A fully built PC has all the important configurations that can suit the games five years ago, but now the case can’t be the same in the present now.

Gaming PC gaming has become expensive and you can break by spending thousands of dollars by configuring your own PC. In this case, you can choose a gaming console that would cost around 300 $.

Game Selection

PCs have an unprecedented range, with big-budget titles, mid-developers, indie fare, and classic games. If you want to purchase the games you loved in your childhood, then you can visit Steam and PC games have an archive for more than a decade.

In the case of, gaming consoles such as PS4 and Xbox, the archives don’t back for more than decades. So basically you’re limited to what’s coming out in the last couple of years. Many gaming studios do not bother to release console games because the expense of porting such titles is prohibited.


All consoles and PCs allow you to play online games but on the two forms of device, the interface is not quite the same. lf you love your couch , then you might like  gaming PC pretty.  It is feasible  to  link several PC , so that you can  game that allows two (or more) people to play together. A  gaming console  allows you to  play mutiple games, however, when it comes to .  POV games it might not to best play in consoles can still FIFA, ARMA, PUBG with your best buddies on the PS4 or Xbox One.
The above are the  some of then main  difference console gaming vs pc gaming.

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