Looking for the free games on steam?

There are loads of games you can play on Steam for free if you want to play. The range available might also confuse you. We’ve compiled a list of collections of the best games you should add for free to your Steam library.
The segment on Free Games covers games that are absolutely safe. Your access and enjoy the game without the need to pay money.

Cry of Fear

The game flips the old GoldSrc model to give you an inventory structure and an explorable big, dark area. Prepare yourself for constant stress with 24 separate weapons over eight hours of discovery and battle. The app also contains a lot of personalized promotions and an additional campaign which can be unlocked after you finish the main plot. This is a nice deal to use for free.

House of Abandon

Eventually this work was the fantastic collection of short story tales Unpublished. By going to the above connected page and pressing ‘Download PC Preview’ you can always add it to your computer. The first part is followed by someone playing a text adventure as things begin to get weird, and quite scary.

The Supper

The supper is more of  like a traditional game of fun, challenges and all, but is simply a weird short tale. You’re an old lady operating an inn renowned for its “secret sauce.”


The game is for the future, you’re trapped in a subway station and it’s all strange. Talk with strange inhabitants of the station and follow its twisting side passages to find weird little stories and put together context from the scraps gathered. Completing takes just about half an hour and the music is good so send it a try.

Grimm’s Hollow

 Grimm’s Hollow is game i.e RPG which is similar to the Undertale. You are a freshly minted Grim Reaper, and your uncle happens to have turned up as a spirit beside you — the same grace that most Reapers are supposed to turn off to the underworld. This even has a fighting mechanism for action game and it’s just just walking and chatting.

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