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Best Gaming Joystick

Meaning of gaming joysticks

The controller senses the connection and sends data to the CPU of whatever device is paired with the controller. From there, the CPU compares the data of the game or program to the action corresponding to the button press. Joysticks are used for movement and operate differently than buttons.

Joysticks can take gaming to the next level. All your controls and commands are right at your fingertips, which will make gaming easier and more effective. With modern day technology, the joystick is a vast array of options in the world, opting for a relatively hard core. Joysticks have become very complex and may vary in price, size and function. Every serious gamer can agree that you need the right kind of equipment to play at your best. These joystick reviews will act as aids in helping you decide which joystick is right for you, and why. Before making a decision, you should think about a few things: What is your level of play? What do you need in terms of features? What about functionality? In addition, you should make sure that you pay attention to compatibility with your game and platform. Each of them has great options and functionality. If you are in the market for a new joystick, this list will help you sort through the many joysticks in the market.

alt="Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick"

Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick

Whether you need a mouse, keyboard, or controller, Logitech generally has something in their arsenal for everyone. It has people looking for great gaming joysticks like the Extreme 3D Pro, which is an affordable option with an 8-way hat switch. Logitech put a lot of thought into the design of this stick and consumers found it comfortable and accurate. There are 8-way switches on key positions and 12 programmable buttons and a rapid-fire trigger that will help increase your kill count. Button placement is excellent, and the twist handle rudder is a nice touch.

alt="VKB Gladiator Pro Flight Simulator Controller Joystick"

VKB Gladiator Pro Flight Simulator Controller Joystick

VKB Gladiator Pro Flight Simulator Controller Joystick is Modeled directly after the K12 grip found in WWII fighter jets, VKB’s Gladiator Pro Flight Simulator maintains things similarly strong and agile. With this top gaming joystick, you will get the same features that you would on a regular gladiator joystick, along with a nifty upgrade like a metal gimbals with all sprinkle springs and cams. Pair that with an ergonomic grip and you are taking to the fake skies with precision, comfort and style.

alt="Mad Catz F.L.Y. 5 Stick For PC"

Mad Catz F.L.Y. 5 Stick For PC

Mad Catz is on again with this awesome joystick. It has a tilted head mechanism that allows users to position the buttons where you need them. It has adjustable head button, height handle and handle angle. The look of this joystick is very modern and smooth. It has a twin throttle lever that provides control over individual engines or may provide a throttle to the engine and assign a second lever to another function. The tilted head mechanism places the buttons exactly where you need them. This joystick has an adjustable POV hat switch that moves the position in and out to achieve the desired distance between the hat switch and the buttons. There is a total of 12 buttons with all key commands at your fingertips.



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